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The World’s fastest concealed battery E-bikes
The Aero Series E-Bikes

Don’t sweat it. Whether you’re bicycle commuting to work and don’t want sweat stains or want a little assistance after a workout, ZEV’s AERO E-Bicycles let you choose exactly how much effort you want to put in with our toggle Assist Mode. Our E-Bicycles also feature a throttle if even pedaling becomes a problem or to help you in the slick technical sections of the trail. Never worry about sweat stains under your arms when you’re powered by 100% pure electric.

  • ZEV builds battery integrated into the chassis E bike. This is a radically stronger and lighter way to build a bike. The chassis rigidity is phenomenal.
  • When you double the diameter of a frame tube you increase the rigidity by a factor of over 4. The battery box built into the frame has about a 16 X 1 strength advantage over a conventional round tube chassis, and a lightness advantage. Then there is the elimination of bolted junctions, parts count, things to come loose, and stress at bolt together points elimination.
  • The ZEV chassis is hydroformed aluminum to shape the metal to match the stresses for the minimum weight at the maximum strength.
  • ZEV uses its oil cooled motor technology on all of its E Bike motors to make them run longer, run colder, and run more efficiently.
  • ZEV uses the largest battery in the industry in any E Bike for the longest range


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