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Dare to Compare


If you are a buyer, we are sure you are weighing all of your options and making comparisons. If we’re really going to make a comparison, let’s make some direct comparisons. Brammo’s Enertia Plus is a nice bike, but for $2000 less you can purchase a ZEV S-8500LR which beats the Enertia in every practical measure, including range, top speed, and price.

 Brammo Enertia +  BMW C Evolution  ZEV S 8500 LR
Top Speed  60 mph 75 mph  79 mph
 Range at 55mph  45 miles 60 miles* 80 miles
 Range at 70mph  see top speed no data* 60 miles
 MSRP  $10,995  $21,691**  $8990

*estimated at 60 mile range at “practical operation” speeds

**13,500 pounds, converted to dollars on 10/22/14

The BMW C Evolution electric scooter has been touted by some publications, as being the first electric two-wheeled vehicle made by a major automotive company. However, despite BMW’s legacy, their bike just does not meet the ZEV performance at even at the BMW wild prices.

The reported specs from BMW say that the C Evolution has a top speed of 75MPH and a range of 60 miles for $21,691.80. For a lower price, a 7100LR will reach the same top speed and stay at that sustained speed on the highway for just as long as the C Evolution’s low speed range. For the price of a single C Evolution, you could purchase two S 7100 LR bikes instead. If the branding of BMW is that important to you as a customer, upon the purchase of two S 7100 LR bikes, ZEV will send you two BMW emblems to put on your bikes.

Next, take a look at Zero Motor’s Dual Sports models (DS, for short). The Zero DS comes in three models (9kWh, 12kWh, and 12kWh Power Pack). The 9kWh Zero DS loses in range to our ZEV T-10 while being the exact same price. The same T-10 goes on to beat the Zero 12kWh model by range and price. The Zero DS with extra Power Pack is the only Zero model in its class that comes even close to our range – at the expense of luggage space and an extra $4,575

 ZERO DS 9kWh  ZERO DS 12kWh  ZERO DS 12kWh + Power Pack ZEV T-10
Range at 55 mph  63 miles  84 miles  102 miles 140 miles
 Range at 70 mph  50 miles  67 miles  82 miles  80 miles
 Top Speed  98 mph  98 mph 98 mph 80 mph
 Sustainable Top Speed  80 mph  80 mph  80 mph 80 mph
 MSRP  $13,345  $15,345  $17,840 $13,265

We would love to compare and contrast the ZEV LRC 10 with some of Zero and Brammo’s (now closed up) products, but unfortunately the LRC 10 is literally in a class of its own. Featuring full front fairing and large under-seat storage compartment, the LRC 10 is the world’s only production touring class electric motor scooter. Unlike the Zero and Brammo bikes without fairings and shorter range, we designed the LRC to get our customers to work and back long distances on the highway in comfort, rain or shine, every day.

ZERO states that the carrying capacity of its SR12.5 with power pack is only 317 lbs. ZERO states their SR without the power pack can still only carry 361 lbs. ZEV has single riders weighing more than that driving around. We do hill climbing tests with more weight than that on the bikes.

If you needed some more proof of the value of a ZEV consider these :

  • Every single ZEV model comes installed with side stand and center stand. Zero, BMW, and Brammo only offer side stands.
  • ZEV products are designed by former aircraft engineers and assembled to aircraft quality standards.
  • Each bike receives extensive road testing, charge cycling, and troubleshooting before shipping to the customer.
  • Every single product comes with a 2-year all-inclusive warranty on parts and service.
  • We do not advertise any performance that is not met by our production models. We use real world measurements taken from daily customer use, rather than mathematical ideals and readings off the dyno.
  • We use an innovative multi-speed “Electronic Transmission” to match the need for amps and voltage to the load and speed needs. This increases the range up to 50% and hill climbing ability up to 35% more than competing equal wattage bikes.
  • Only ZEV offers industrial-use motor scooters for the police, postal delivery, and hauling freight – and then uses the same heavy duty frame and parts in their regular production bikes. Look at the size of the frame tubes on the T-Series to get an idea of the strength of our frames.
  • We test our components at extreme levels to insure against problems. Example – Our controllers are run in a hot box at 43 degree C (110 F) at full load for 48 hours with no heat shutdown. Our motors are tested at 150 degree C for the continuous power rating.
  • ZEV Corporation offers 16 different vehicle models, the widest model range of any electric vehicle company in the world, by far.
  • Our bikes are built to handle and drive hard with a wheelbase on the scooters 2.5 inches longer than a Honda CBR1000RR on our S-Series models, the T-Series is 4 inches longer, and the LRC is 6 inches longer.
  • Dual main headlights and taillights are known to provide far better vehicle recognition and distance judgment to car drivers.
  • Three lights on the bike front for nighttime running for maximum vehicle recognition.
  • Blinding bright taillights make sure you are noticed.
  • Our bikes tested in all weight class braking tests by government agencies as outstanding, if not the record setter in all weight classes


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