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ZEV 4100

ZEV S 4100

ZEV S 4100

The S-4100 offers 17% more power and up to 50% more range than any competitors’ 3500 watt bikes – which cost the same or more.

The S-4100 is the hill climber and faster accelerating version of the S-3600 Lithium –but the 4100 has 14% more torque for only $166 additional. (The 3600 only exists to comply with specific power limiting state laws). For the EEC countries the ZEV4100 is made as a 4000 watt to comply with power/speed restrictions

The S-4100 is made in two different versions:

S-4100 Lithium Max Performance

S-4100 Silicone/Lead Cost Fighter

  • Speed – 80 kph / 50 mph
  • Range – depends upon terrain, weather, load. Our range is measured on flat land on standard day conditions.

– 20 miles at full throttle
– 36 miles at 40 mph
– 55 miles at 28 mph
– 65 miles at 12 mph

  • Lithium 4100 Curb Weight – 284 lbs / 129 kg
  • Gross Weight – 759 lbs / 345 kg (bike and load)
  • Battery capacity in lithium of 2.86 Kwh.

Silicone/Lead Silicate High Performance Motor Scooter

Compared to the ZEV4100 with the Lithium batteries:

  • The Lead version is less expensive.
  • Acceleration is slightly slower due both to the battery characteristics and the fact that the Lead bike weighs approximately 190 kg / 419 lbs, which is more than the lithium battery bike.
  • Battery life: current owners having this bike are still running after 5 years and still going. The lead silicate cost approximately 1/2 as much as the lithium batteries.
  • Lead battery systems do not require battery management systems like the lithium battery. So that means a lot less parts to go wrong over time. This also means that the 4100 can be upgraded to a 6000 in the future with just a controller, one battery, and a new charger.

The Silicate lead battery used by ZEV are a completely different battery than the old lead sulfuric acid battery.

  • They have only about 10% of the internal resistance of the old sulfuric acid battery. This allows these batteries to be charged in ½ the time of normal lead acid battery.
  • The discharge ability is much better allowing rapid vehicle acceleration with up to 4.5 times the ability to discharge without damage.
  • There is little or no temperature increases during charging or discharging.
  • The battery is far less sensitive to temperature being able to work normally at -50 C.
  • The battery has no memory.
  • The electrolyte is the ultimate green battery fluid as it can be used as a fertilizer.
  • The shelf life is in excess of 12 months without losing charge. So an unused vehicle does not run itself down.
  • The battery are non explosive.
  • The battery can be recharged at high currents of .8 to 1 C.
  • High discharge rates are not a problem given the low internal resistance.
  • There is not acid mist produced by charging.
  • The battery can be fully deep charged through over 500 cycles
  • The energy storage to weight ratio is about 24% better than lead acid.

The S-4100L is a performer. It will outrun and out climb all competitors or any others in its price range – , and has more range than any of the competitor equivalent models.

****All comparison information taken directly from competitor websites and sales brochures and from letters from their staff.
Continuous Power 4 KW
Top Speed 80 Km/h
Range at 40 mph 36 miles
Range at 28 mph 55 miles
Range at 12 mph 65 miles
Battery Performance
Battery Capacity 2.86 kwh
Battery Type Lithium / Lead silicate
Brakes & Wheels
Lithium 4100 Curb Weight 284 lbs / 129 kg
Gross Weight 759 lbs / 345 kg (bike and load)

ZEV - LRC S 4100 - Images

ZEV 4100 L on 35 degree hill in pre delivery test section 2.

ZEV Electric Scooter Endurance Test www.zelectricvehicle.com

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