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From the maker of the world’s fastest and longest range electric motor scooters!

The HarpiE is:

  • A dual purpose bike. You can drive it on the road and take it into the dirt with its fat knobbie tires. But Stromer Sport and Elite and Specialized are road only bikes. Why restrict yourself? Switch the HarpiE tires to road tires and go even further and faster.
  • Lighter than a Stromer Sport or Elite and A lot less money than a Stromer Sport or Elite while offering hydraulic disk brakes, full adjustable front suspension that Stromer does not along with full fenders and lights and a 25% larger battery capacity for more range.
  • Radically less money than a Specialized Turbo, with more control, including a throttle, 200% of the Turbo power, and the ZEV is dirt capable also. Save thousands, go faster, and quicker, run further.

Only ZEV offers the combination of:

  • Big 180 mm Hydraulic disk brakes
  • 48 volt 720 wh, (576 nominal) battery (Samsung 18650/2900mA cells)
  • 500 watts of motor power continuous, 750 watts peak power.
  • Adjustable front suspension forks
  • 9 speed Shimano
  • A concealed battery in a balanced frame
  • Fenders standard
  • Ultralight hollow aluminum side stand with “big foot” that does not sink in the mud
  • Full light package standard
  • Full control computer system
  • 20 mph speed in max PAS power, max speed setting. And on knobby tires too!
  • 26 X 1.95 rims and tires with puncture resistant construction.
  • The best range and value of any Ebike in the market under $4,000 (and beats many of the more expensive ones too). Range has been reached of 62 miles on light assist on dirt trail. Considering the knobby tires, that is very good. Others may claim more, but realizing it is another thing.

All in a one hand pickup 53 lb package

Note – All new production bikes have the wheel color matching the chassis color.
Continuous Power 500W
Top Speed 32 Km/h
Volts Nominal 48 V
Peak Power 750 W
Battery Performance
Battery Capacity 0.72 kwh
Battery Type Lithium
Brakes & Wheels
Brakes 180 mm Hydraulic disk brakes for anti fade, steeper grades, heavier riders.
Rims and Tires 26 X 2.1 with puncture resistant construction.

The Chassis

True to the aircraft manufacturing heritage of ZEV, and in keeping with that heritage, the ZEV Aero line is a light weight tour de force with the HarpiE built with every bit of company aircraft skill into a hydroformed aluminum chassis.

This is an exquisitely made chassis designed both for function and the “Eye Candy” factor. (See the detail photos at the page bottom). The paint is gleaming Pearl White.

The Purpose built chassis it the heart of this bike. Purpose built frames are very rare, and only very few manufacturers have attempted to market a bike with the battery built into the frame.

Because of this frame, the ZEV feels perfectly balanced, has the wires and cables concealed (and protected), and does not sport a clunky heavy battery rear rack like most electric bikes that ruins the balance of the bike, especially on a steep grade where they make the bike want to over center lift the front. Exceptional balance is a key feature. Without the weight hanging off the back as on paste together ebikes, and with the battery weight in the chassis angled forward with the weight toward the front of the downtube, the bike balances perfectly.

The ZEV is beautifully balanced in its design. There is nothing that distracts the eye or screams out electric bike. It is silent in its operation. You can have the bike with or without the large ZEV Electric logo on the bike side if you wish to truly remain not recognized as an Ebike rider.

The Battery

The battery is the second key. At 48 volts nominal, 60 volt peak, the battery holds 720 wh. (576 wh nominal) This big battery is also the key to the power delivery, smooth and always there. When the riders of lesser capacity battery bikes, with far less power roll on the throttle, the volts available dive dropping the available power. The ZEV big battery lets you keep rolling on the power in the technical sections or on the street at speed. That big battery on WV gravel trail bike paths has provided over 60 miles while pedaling in the light assist mode over a variety of hills. More has been reached on hard pavement. Even pedaling in high assist mode through the mountain trails, not less than 45 miles were reached.

The Motor

The motor is rated at 500 watts continuous, but lets riders storm up hills with up to 820 watts peak. The motor, as in all ZEV vehicles is oil bath lubricated and oil cooled, the only such motor in the entire EBike industry. This is to protect your valuable motor, and to make it run more cool and efficient so it can put out more power longer. The oil in the motor also helps protects you from the possibility of corrosion that can occur in any electric motor and lockup. As in all ZEV, the motor is a large diameter. When you double the diameter of a hub motor, you increase the torque by four. We run the largest diameter motors to stop motor lugging and give you seamless torque. The big diameter motor is also part of the range formula. Big diameter motors with high torque do not lug as smaller motors which unnecessarily consumes the amps. The larger OD motor uses its torque to get to speed and the amps back down once a given speed is reached. This allows the ZEV to get more range out of a battery than even bikes with slightly larger battery, and use the smaller battery to reduce the bike weight.

The Computer Bike Management System

The HarpiE has a computer system offering throttle and PAS and Computer override for all from a 6 km mode for EEC country, to speed control to match EEC rules, to completely variable pedal assist power levels.

With this system, you can start your exercise run with no power assist or in the lowest level. Add power level assist as you tire or as the make it home for sure mode. In the rough, the thumb throttle can be used to roll on that extra grunt you need to get through the rough stuff, or to smoothly motor through the slime where pedal power wants to break traction.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

No other company in the world offers what the ZEV Harpie offers in a 500 watt bike. Look all up and down on their spec sheets and compare. No one has out big 180 mm hydraulic disk brakes as an example.



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