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ZEV S 6000L

ZEV S 6000 L




The ZEV6000 L – a high performance electric motor scooter for the commuter designed around significant advances in non-exotic, silicone/lead based battery. No company in the world makes a bike that is as fast for the money. That was the design goal. Go as fast and as far as possible on the lowest cost per performance bike.

We even entered our ZEV in the Koln Germany Intermot road racing scooter program against all of the big lithium bikes and finished after 30 minutes of flat out racing. Then we put that same bike back on the demonstration track for people to drive without even charging it again. The motor and controller never even got hot. There is no company in the world that makes a more powerful or faster bike for the price.

This is your maximum performance for the dollar bike. The low price of the silicone batteries compared to lithium and the new design high power capacity and battery current flow rates make it possible. ZEV uses a 39% larger battery than the competition with a total system of 4.2 kwh battery capacity. (Our lead battery bike uses 50 Ah battery compared to the competitions 36 Ah lead battery or 40 Ah lithium)  ZEV uses a 72 volt nominal system compared to the competition’s 60 volt system.  Up to 62% more total system battery capacity than the competition

The standard bike has grab handles by the rear seat. The dual locking compartments in the front flanking the key switch can be seen in this photo.The bike is shown at the top of the page with the optional rear backrest and the grab handles. A rear rack to mount a cargo box can also be fitted, but the backrest cannot be fitted when the rear rack is mounted. By using new advances in lead battery technology that has seen battery capacity jump over 11.2% in the last year, ZEV was able to create an electric motor scooter with a top speed of 62 mph /100 Kmh and a range of 50 miles / 80 km in open roads, and 25 miles / 40 km in heavy traffic MSRP (a price far less than equivalent speed lithium battery powered bikes).

The 6000 L might seem a bit in conflict with the ZEV image of high performance. ZEV is mostly known for its high tech, 100 mile (160 km) range / 75 – 80 mph (120 – 130 kmh) speed lithium battery powered bikes. Equally, the press has seemed to keep its focus on new and exotic battery technology. But for the vast majority of the population, their needs and use patterns could best be served by a new approach, rather than a new technology. The vast majority of the public needs a vehicle to commute to work less than 20 miles. The achieved goal of the new 6000 L for ZEV engineers was to keep the speed up to over 62 mph /100 Km/h while exceeding that general public need with a range of 50 miles / 80 km in open roads, and 25 miles / 40 km in heavy traffic while reducing the weight of the vehicle and its cost. With the world economy not exactly booming, the intent was to try to create the maximum value product for the market and to drive down the sale price.

While the news has been full of stories of new technology in exotic battery, the technology of the lead battery has steadily progressed also. ZEV was able to gain 11.2% in kwh capacity in the lead battery in just the last year and a similar decrease in weight while the cost went down slightly per battery, regardless of the kwh capacity. The historical lead battery problem of plate sulphating based on the use of sulphuric acid does not exist with these new batteries as the normal acid is replaced with an electrolyte of a liquid low sodium silicate compound. Additionally, the non-acid lead battery can have a quicker recharge time rivaling on the street lithium bikes and low temperature performance does not suffer.

The ZEV6000 uses a 72 volt nominal (84 volt peak) system with a capacity of 4.2 kwh. The cost of this is $600 compared to $1750 for a ZEV equivalent lithium system (or $5000 in some brands of electric bike). The Battery Management System (BMS) for the lithium battery is also not needed for the lead battery and assembly times lower with the easier installation, further reducing costs. As these cost savings are always multiplied by dealer margins, the savings are significant while not one bit of performance is lost. The $600 cost of a full battery pack is also a factor when the time comes for a customer to eventually replace their battery.

At 50 Ah/battery, the new lead batteries are larger than the equal Ah competitors’ lithium battery but at a heavier weight. The decision was made to just use more lead battery than the number of lithium batteries that the competitors used. The results using the new high-capacity lead battery was a 4.2 kwh capacity bike vs the competitions’ lithium 2.6 kwh. The extra battery raised the ZEV speed 15% over its lithium competitor with a 37% range advantage, and only a weight disadvantage, while enabling lowering of the price under all similar performance comparisons. By lowering the battery box slightly, the balance of the lead battery bike was made to equal the lighter lithium bike.

The lead battery offers extreme recyclability for the greenest options. Lead batteries are constantly recycled and the new battery can go right into existing recycle programs. Lead battery systems also seem to have appeal to riders/owners who maintain their own bikes. Without the BMS system of a lithium bike, the lead battery bike is a quick and easy change out when the time comes for even a novice mechanic.

The Silicate lead battery used by ZEV are a completely different battery than the old lead sulfuric acid battery. They use a sodium silicate salt as the electrolyte.

• They have only about 10% of the internal resistance of the old sulfuric acid battery. This allows these batteries to be charged in ½ the time of normal lead acid battery.
• The discharge ability is much better allowing rapid vehicle acceleration with up to 4.5 times the ability to discharge without damage.
• There is little or no temperature increases during charging or discharging.
• The battery is far less sensitive to temperature being able to work normally at -50 C.
• The battery has no memory.
• The electrolyte is the ultimate green battery fluid as it can be used as a fertilizer.
• The shelf life is in excess of 12 months without losing charge. So an unused vehicle does not run itself down.
• The battery are non explosive.
• The battery can be recharged at high currents of .8 to 1 C.
• High discharge rates are not a problem given the low internal resistance.
• There is no acid mist produced by charging.
• The battery can be fully deep charged through over 500 cycles
• The energy storage to weight ratio is about 24% better than lead acid.

The new 6000 model shares the newest and latest ZEV hub motor design with other vehicles in the company line up. With the ability to take continuous power to 8,000 watts and launch power to 16,000 watts, the motor contributes heavily toward the range and efficiency of the new 6000 as does the 3 speed electronic transmission controller used by ZEV.

Faster than any of the advertised speeds of any other electric motor scooter of any other brand for the money.

More hill climbing torque than any other electric bike on the market (except another ZEV). Watch the YouTube video demonstration of the 6000 in action on some 35 degree hills.

Best warranty in the industry.

Speed – 100 kph / 62 mph

Range – depends upon terrain, weather, load. Our range is measured on flat land on standard day conditions.

– 54 miles at 50 mph
– 72 miles at 28 mph
– 84 miles at 12 mph

Curb Weight – 462 lbs / 210 kg

Gross Weight – 759 lbs / 345 kg (bike and load)

Continuous Power 6 KW
Top Speed 100 Km/h
Peak Power 7KW
Range at 50 mph 54 miles
Range at 28 mph 72 miles
Range at 12 mph 84 miles
Battery Performance
Battery Capacity 4.2 kwh
Battery Type Silicate Lead
Brakes & Wheels
Curb Weight 462 lbs / 210 kg
Gross Weight 759 lbs / 345 kg (bike and load)

ZEV - LRC S 6000L - Images

ZEV 6000 L on 35 degree grades

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