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ZEV T 6100

ZEV T 6100

ZEV T 6100

The T Series is the world’s toughest, strongest and most capable two wheeled EV. The chassis combines two styles of chassis in one frame for a double frame. Down the center is a big backbone chassis. But then there is the motorcycle style double down tube chassis too. This ultra rigid chassis gives the bike the ability to haul loads, or to have the extreme rigidity needed for back-road carving. Sport bike or truck, it can be either.

(The T-6000 L model is a special purpose bike usually considered for delivery work. It uses lead silicate battery while all other T Series are lithium. The rear load platform can be arranged so that it can hold the very large delivery box as we also use on the 2700)

Continuous Power 6.1 KW
Top Speed 100 Km/h
Range at 65% power 73 miles
Range at 100% power 40 miles
Battery Performance
Battery Capacity 5.2 kwh
Battery Type Lithium

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ZEV T 6100

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