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The chart below we trust will help you find which model of motor scooter is best for you. We caution that if you want to drive 40 miles a day, do not buy a bike that is rated at exactly 40 miles a day. Weather, the aerodynamics of the size of the rider, terrain, and the gradual aging of the battery will detract from that number over time. We recommend that you hedge your needs by 25% in terms of range. Our tests for range and speed are performed to a standard done on a particular temperature day, on a flat road, with a rider of certain size and weight. Your riding profile may not be the same, and, over time, battery lose some of their capacity. So it is best to hedge your needs for the long term enjoyment and use of the vehicle.



LRC-X 30 Kw Lithium 185 mile 100 mile 95 mph 12.9 Kwh
LRC-15 15 kW Lithium 140 mile 80 mile 78 mph 10 Kwh
LRC-6 15 kW Lithium 80 mile 50 mile 75 mph 6 Kwh
T-15000 15000 watts Lithium 80 mile 50 mile 75 mph 5.7 Kwh
T-6100 6100 watts Lithium 73 mile 40 mile 62 mph 5.1 Kwh
T-5100 5100 watts Lithium 63 mile 35 mile 50 mph 3.6 Kwh
15000 LR 15000 watts Lithium 80 mile 50 mile 75 mph 5.7 Kwh
7100 7100 watts Lithium 65 mile 35 mile 75 mph 4.8 Kwh
6100 6100 watts Lithium 55 mile 25 mile 62 mph 2.8 Kwh
6000 L 6000 watts Lead silicate 54 mile 25 mile 62 mph 4.2 Kwh
4100 4100 watts Lithium 41 mile 20 mile 50 mph 4.2 Kwh
4100 L 4100 watts Lead silicate 41 mile 20 mile 48 mph 3.6 Kwh
3600 L 3600 watts Lead silicate 45 mile 23 mile 48 mph 3.6 Kwh
 2700 L 2700 watts Lead silicate 32 mile 18 mile 30 mph 2.6 Kwh
2700 DLR 2700 watts Lead silicate 60 miles 45 miles 30 mph 4.2 kwh


The LRC stands alone as the world’s only production touring class electric motor scooter. Designed for long daily commuting up to 185 miles on a charge, the LRC is equipped with full fairing for inclement weather conditions, comfortable “all day” two-person seating, and large under-seat and in dash compartments all hurled down the road with 11 kw, 12.2, or 15 kw motors.


The LRC-T is the world’s only electric tilting trike and the world’s only production touring class electric tilting motor scooter. Designed for long daily commuting up to 185 miles on a charge, the LRC is equipped with full fairing for inclement weather conditions, comfortable “all day” two-person seating, and large under-seat and in dash compartments all hurled down the road with 11 kw, 12.2, or 15 kw motors.


ZEV’s longest running model line, the S-Series acts as a jack of all trades, excelling at whatever driving style necessary for your commute. Perfect for transitioning from stop-and-go traffic to highway driving, the S-Series has the most off-the-line response and acceleration of our current production models. Multiple power packages are available for the S-Series, ranging from 4000 watts to 8500 watts.


The multi purpose all around champ. If you need a bike capable of not only spirited road work and daily commuting -but to be a dual purpose bike to climb hills and run up dirt roads–or haul big loads, the T-Series is built with you in mind. A long wheelbase and swing arm makes the T-Series ride smoothly on rough roads. Perfect for packing gear or handling large, unwieldy objects; the T-Series is the pickup truck of electric motor scooters. The rear seat pivots up into a backrest to reveal the load deck for heavy objects. Multiple power packs are available for the T-Series, ranging from 5100 watts to 15,000 watts.

2700 L

For those who don’t need to travel long stretches of interstate and only need a vehicle for exploring urban areas and running errands, the 2700 L comes equipped with front basket, rear loading platform, and extra-wide foot platform for carrying and storage. On the right hand grip of the 2700 L is a dual stator motor switch, so that you can tailor power consumption around town to your needs. In certain states, this model can be driven without motorcycle license under the moped specification. With the ZEV dual stator motor, it just stomps the performance of the competition. Priced at $2,875 MSRP.

Most of ZEV’s buyers are commuters. The majority of our customers state that they did not buy the bikes to avoid paying for gasoline nor to be “green”. They bought their bike for the lack of maintenance and the lower associated maintenance costs. No oil and filter changes, no chains and belts to adjust or replace, no carb or injection to clean or adjust, no oily spots on the driveway.

Owners tell ZEV that the time it takes to charge the battery is of little consequence, just so the “tank is full” when they leave for work in the morning. (However, the bikes will charge in 4 hours limited only by the 15 amps available from most home wall plugs) Time savings are also a plus, not only money savings that the owners valued most. Even when maintenance is required, it is a far easier, less time consuming, and less costly affair to go electric than with gasoline.

The more analytical customers document that the time to do all of the maintenance on a gasoline bike, the time going to and from the dealer, and the time to go to the gas station amounts to about 68 hours over 20,000 miles for the gas scooter.

Life cycle cost analysis by ZEV customers indicate that it costs approximately 60% less to drive a ZEV than to drive a gasoline fueled scooter of equal performance and cost to the ZEV electric. These customers report full costs not including depreciation of 12 cents/mile. This lack of maintenance and the ability for customers to work on their own electric bikes without high technical skill are one reason the ZEV are sold all over the world even where they do not yet have dealerships. In the areas where ZEV does not have dealers, ZEV will ship the bike worldwide directly to the customer’s door. Service can be done by any normal skilled motorcycle shop as the extreme simplicity of the electric bike and the radically smaller part count and no moving parts make repairs very simple.

Bicycles – AERO E-Bicycles

Don’t sweat it. Whether you’re bicycle commuting to work and don’t want sweat stains or want a little assistance after a workout, ZEV’s AERO E-Bicycles let you choose exactly how much effort you want to put in with our toggle Assist Mode. Our E-Bicycles also feature a throttle if even pedaling becomes a problem or to help you in the slick technical sections of the trail. Never worry about sweat stains under your arms when you’re powered by 100% pure electric. Priced at $2,990 (500 watt Harpie) and $3,990 (750 watt Valkyrie).

  • ZEV builds battery integrated into the chassis E bike. This is a radically stronger and lighter way to build a bike. The chassis rigidity is phenomenal.
  • When you double the diameter of a frame tube you increase the rigidity by a factor of over 4. The battery box built into the frame has about a 16 X 1 strength advantage over a conventional round tube chassis, and a lightness advantage. Then there is the elimination of bolted junctions, parts count, things to come loose, and stress at bolt together points elimination.
  • The ZEV chassis is hydroformed aluminum to shape the metal to match the stresses for the minimum weight at the maximum strength.
  • ZEV uses its oil cooled motor technology on all of its E Bike motors to make them run longer, run colder, and run more efficiently.
  • ZEV uses the largest battery in the industry in any E Bike under $7,000 retail for the longest range.



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