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ZEV 2700

WELCOME TO THE ZEV 2700 Electric Vehicles !

The highest performance for any bike in its class. Featuring a unique design, dual stator motor, dual controllers, and more battery capacity for more hill climbing power, speed and range over any other competing bike remotely near the low ZEV price.


1) A Long Range variant, the 2700 DLR is available capable of the same 30 mph top speed as the standard bike, but with 60 mile / 100 km range. The battery cell size in this model is 50 ah, 56% larger than the the standard model 32 ah cell. This bike does not have a rear seat. This bike should not be loaded for more than 115 lbs on the rear rack where the rack is intended for food delivery or other low weight cargo.

2) State Moped Rule Model -A special low power version of the standard 2700 model with lowered power to 1492 watts is available to meet state rules for driving without a license or with a car license only. This varies by state. Hawaii and KY for instance require a maximum of 2 brake hp (1500 watts) The bike can be configured as required for other local rules. This model is not available with the Long Range variant large battery pack.

Electric bicycles sell for more money than this and cannot carry the load or give you any weather protection like the ZEV 2700.

This bike was designed for the commuting rider who lives in a urban or small city environment who does not need high speed or long ranges, but can climb steep hills and stay ahead of the traffic in speed. We wanted the rider to be able to carry big loads and use the bike as a car substitute.

The goal was to make the bike:

  • As absolutely maintenance free as possible.
  • With the largest load carrying ability possible using a load carrying platform on the rear, a load platform in front of the rider, fold out side racks, and a basket. Five places to place and haul a load.
  • Able to mount very large rear storage boxes for for local delivery for a business.
  • The front basket will hold a minimum of two large bags of grocery. (The basket can be removed to mount freight box on the underlying platform)
  • The flat floor can haul boxes.
  • The rear flat load area can haul large objects.
  • Even the smallest rear box can carry bags of grocery.
  • A full face helmet can fit in the smallest box.

Customers told us they wanted to be able to carry their children on the rear of the bike, but still have the load carrying ability. So the rear seat for children that folds into a backrest. The folded up load platforms act as a barrier to keep feet away from the wheel and swing arm for increased safety.

This redesign of the rear of the bike also includes the enlarged rear rack area that protrudes all around the rear load deck to allow handling of more bulky items and offers convenient hand holds. Fold out racks are mounted low at the axle to handle bulky and heavy loads.

Park the car and use the ZEV to do your errands like it was a small SUV. Use the ZEV instead of trying to figure out how to get the boxes on a bus or train.

Without the side racks fitted

Load carrying is what customers wanted in a small bike.

The rear seat for children that folds into a backrest.

The folded up load platforms act as a barrier to keep feet away from the wheel and swing arm for increased safety.


– Compare to the Mahindra Gen Z at $2999.

  • You pay more money for the Mahindra.
  • The Gen Z has a battery that is 40% smaller in charge capacity than the ZEV for absolutely less range than the ZEV.
  • The Mahindra has only one seat (cannot carry two people)
  • The Gen Z has limited cargo carrying ability without the ability to load on the front or sides, or to add a rear rack and cargo box.
  • The Gen Z has limited carrying payload listing only 295 lbs while the ZEV is 100 lbs more on the seats and a total of 200 lbs more in total on the load surfaces.
  • The seat height of the Gen Z is 2 inches higher than the ZEV.
  • The Gen Z max voltage is 58 volts compared to the 84 of the ZEV.
  • The Gen Z is definitely not the value purchase in this class of bike.

The dual stators and controllers give the rider something no other electric bike company can offer – piece of mind and ride home security. The bike will operate independently on either motor or controller. A redundant system just like an airplane to get you home. Dual stators mean twice the heat shedding surface area of a single stator motor or controller at a given watts load, so the parts run colder and last much longer as a result. Colder motors run at higher efficiencies yielding longer range.

The right hand switch by the throttle allows the rider to run both of the motor stators for maximum power, or to cut out selectively either of the stators to reduce power consumption. When the switch is in the left position, the motor gets 17 amps (38% power). In the right position, 28 amps (62% power). In the middle position (100% power).

There is also the effect of “phantom mass” where the magnetic flux fields operate across the air gap between the rotors as if it were full of magnets and copper coils. As a result, the motor weighs less at a given torque output and makes more torque for its mass than a single stator motor.

Mph instrument panel

km/h instrument panel

Extra large extra-large rear box (410x500x630mm)

What makes this bike able to have the same performance as the new similar design Honda -BUT – at 1/2 the price is the new technology lead battery using a silicate fluid instead of acid.

  • The Silicate lead battery used by ZEV are a completely different battery than the old lead sulfuric acid battery. They have only about 10% of the internal resistance of the old sulfuric acid battery.
  • This allows these batteries to be charged in ½ the time of normal lead acid battery.
  • The discharge ability is much better allowing rapid vehicle acceleration with up to 4.5 times the ability to discharge without damage.
  • There is little or no temperature increases during charging or discharging.
  • The battery is far less sensitive to temperature being able to work normally at -50 C.
  • The battery has no memory.
  • The electrolyte is the ultimate green battery fluid as it can be used as a fertilizer.
  • The shelf life is in excess of 12 months without losing charge. So an unused vehicle does not run itself down. This bike can set unattended without a charger and not run down for several months.
  • The battery are non explosive.
  • The battery can be recharged at high currents of .8 to 1 C.
  • High discharge rates are not a problem given the low internal resistance.
  • There is no acid mist produced by charging.
  • The battery can be fully deep charged through over 500 cycles
  • The energy storage to weight ratio is about 24% better than lead acid.
  • The battery plates do not sulphate and destroy the battery.

See the 2700 in action on long steep grades at :

Dual motor ZEV 2700 on a 25 degree hill

ZEV 2700 Electric Motor Scooter Walk Around




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