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ZEV E-Rickshaws


ZEV offers special chassis work E-Rickshwas – or electric vehicles built to your specifications for your particular work mission. We offer a variety of Three Wheeled work E-Rickshwas. These chassis are available to carry up to 2 tons in the largest versions.

Why use a trike compared to a UTV, NEV, ATV, golf cart, or utility vehicle–Consider that ZEV E-Richshwas offer:

  • Only ZEV utility trikes have the ability to be driven on the road legally in all states as opposed to UTV, ATV, golf carts, and other utility vehicles. Generally, with few state exceptions, these other vehicles may not be driven on the road.
  • The ability to be driven as a licensed motorcycle in all states, or with a car license in many states.
  • Far more reliability and speed at a lower cost than a golf cart. Speeds to 3 times that of many golf cart (to 35 mph when driven as a registered motorcycle with a motorcycle license). Range to 3 times of many golf cart.
  • More load carrying ability than a golf cart or a UTV vehicle with 4 X 8 ft beds and loads to 1600 lbs in the standard models (T3-2).
  • Less cost and maintenance than a 4 wheel vehicle, and never need a front end alignment.
  • Available in box truck rear cargo containment, flat beds, dump beds.

E-Rickshwas have Two MODELS:

Please contact ZEV sales to discuss you particular needs.


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